Gym in the box TN013
TN012 Gym in the box C-60 tape
Once upon a time in land of project fantasy

Released in 2006, this "Gym in the box" tape contains
recordings all played in spring 2002. The recording
consists in improvised tunes combined with improbable
The selected parts have been uncut and kept in
the shape
as they have been played. This technique makes
the listener
to track what makes an improvised track.

Gym in the box live set >
Markus koistinen
Mixer | cosmowah | redbox | sustainer | blue box controlled by redbox|

Samuli Tanner
BOSS sampler | homemade sampler

Gregoire Rousseau
Greenbox | blue box controlled by two joysticks

Redbox | bluebox | greenbox and homemade sampler
designed | build by TNlab.

This tape is dedicated to the comic dispenser because of the pleasure see tapes there.
phone  bill
TN013 Phone bill C-60 tape

Beats and instrumentals tracks is what is to be heard on this release. Recorded with 4tracker tape in very short amount of time or managed at home, this 60minutes long tape have Ponytail earliest work back in 1998 along with 2005 tracks.

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samuli at tuulanauhat.com


info at tuulanauhat.com

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