"Screens" VHS

 An edition of 50 VHS to support "Screens" project.

 You will find first on the tape the actual short movie "Screens"
 for 3mn 3s. This part is the final outcome of the full project and
 contain the soundtrack realised by Lassi Nikko. 

 Then, "Windmill" and "View from a plane" have been used as the footages
 to compose "Screens", there is no sound.

 Finally, "Experiments" is a free approach to the installation. The sound 
 is , as well, coming from the installation. Two S8mm projectors. 

 It is to know that "Screens", "Windmill" & "View from a plane" and
 "Experiments" have all been shot in S8mm.

 A total of 8 minutes in 3 parts. 

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